WAL provides high-quality products

Since its founding in the year of 2000, Wal has positioned itself to be a supplier of casual wear and fashion brands whose products can be found either in specialty stores or hypermarkets.

WAL emphasizes its supply chain management

Over past nearly two decades, WAL has partnered with a number of experienced and organized factories in East China. In 2016, WAL opened its own factory in Phnom Penh, Cambodia to bring tax benefit and low labor cost effect to its clients.

WAL serves these customers

Since its establishment in 2000, WAL has always attached to building up win-win cooperation with customers, and has cooperated with many well-known clothing retailers, importers,brand owners and large clothing supermarkets around the world.

WAL is a warm international family

Bearing the DNA to be open-minded since Day 1, WAL has grown into an International company with more than just physical locations in different countries but people from different cultures who speak different languages and dialects. Our colleagues are Chinese, German and Cambodian, with more coming. What’s in common is - WE ALL LOVE WAL.